Idea's you've never thought of!

Ideas you’ve never thought of!Live table number


Everyone has been to a wedding lately with a photobooth, or a slideshow, what about something truly memorable?

Live table numbers

Instead of waiting for your guests to find their seats on a board with small writing,  have them shown to their seats by a ballerina, a butler or a clown!  Ask the local theatre group if they would be interested, or chat to the proffesional party performers!







Suspended Wedding cake

A suspended wedding cake is the perfect way to glam up your wedding and make your cake the centrepiece of your styling! In a nutshell, the wedding cake is suspended on a swing like platform from the ceiling and decorated. You can also have chandelier style hanging wedding cakes but im not sure im game to try it! These really do look fantastic in any room and can be hung in a resort ballroom or even a marquee frame.


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