9 Ways to remember your big day!

9 New Ways to remember your day!Blog-9waystoremember

Everyone has attended a wedding or event with a photobooth over the past 2 years… however, here is a couple of ideas to make your day different, and still capture those special moments!

Outdoor Photobooth

Set up a beautiful arch or lounges and have a polaroid camera set up for guests to enjoy while your off taking photo’s!


A beautiful wall with cut out photoframes, a lounge in front so that you can have all of your friends in one funky picture! Check out Fresh Creative Styling!


Do your friends instagram? Create a # for your wedding and guests can post all night to your wall! And you get to see all the images the next day!


I know this sounds like an old idea however it’s the perfect way to capture the moments your guests see, without all the silly photo’s on disposable camera’s. I know so many of my friends have semi-proffesional camera’s and love taking photo’s. Give them a USB with a personalised thank you card and they can send you their photo’s too!



Are you technology savvy? Set up a camera, connected to your computer and a projector and voila, project guest photos in real time over the dance floor!


Wedpics is a fantastic new app to help you capture and share yours and your guests memories of your big day. Its like wedding social media! Check it out at

Slow motion Photobooth

Guest's step in-front of the camera records a 4-10 second video. Using all kinds of neat new props such as confetti, bubbles, and balloons you get exciting videos that were never before possible! Using a special infrared camera, your videographer can set this up for you to create an amazing keepsake. For Sydney siders, check out!

360 Degree Video

Are you having a videographer? Have all of your guests stand around the dance floor and do a 360 degree spin! Your guests could be singing a particular song, families could be laughing together or friends just being silly.

Movement pics

Set up a beautiful swing on a tree or a trampoline for guests to jump on, capture your guests having a great time and memorable photo’s! You can set up a camera, have your guests take pics and upload them in sets or allocate time for your photographer (make sure you speak to the photographer about how much time they will need!)


Do you want to always enjoy and share your wedding video? Create a music video to your song and have your guests participate? Choose the song with your videographer, send a card with your invitations advising the guests of the song & their part and enjoy the funny, beautiful moments it will capture!

{Marry You Marryoke - Micky and Kirsty's Wedding Music Video}

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