12 tips to relax on your day!

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I know that an all night party with the girls sounds like fun but resist the urge and get to sleep early! A full night of sleep can do wonders, and will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and ready, come the next morning!


You’ve heard it all before… however breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Your wedding day is no exception. A healthy breakfast high in protein and good carbs will keep you energised all day long.


Be prepared

Make sure you plan plenty of time

Allow yourself plenty of time to get up and enjoy your day! Plan a healthy breakfast before the make up and hair arrive and a tasty lunch before the photorapher arrives. As well as extra time for travel and guests being late!


Plan your suppliers to work with your vendors or bridesmaides on the day so that you can relax. Make a checklist for both the bride and groom and print a copy for the room your getting ready. Ask the best man and maid of honor to tick of the list as you go to save you worrying on the day!


Ask for help! Friends and family often want to help and you can use their ‘assistance’ to your benefit! Ask them to check the reception details, deliver the cake, be an usher at the ceremony or to get their side of the family together for photo’s.


Survival kit for your big day

Pack a survival kit for the day, this could include a first aid kit, tampons, a sewing kit, a pocket mirror, heel protectors, toiletries, lipstick. Leave it with someone you trust so you have everything you need at the tip of your fingers!

Pack a second one if your reception is in a different location and give it to your venue before the day!)


Someone else can answer your phone

It’s your wedding day. Your phone can wait. Ask a bridesmaid to be in charge of answering your phone so you don’t have to stress. Give her a list of contacts for your suppliers and guests of importance, as well as a set of directions and event running order for the day. (this is if you don’t have me planning your wedding ofcourse!)

Pack Alternative Shoes

Every woman who has ever worn a pair of heels knows they are the opposite of comfortable. Save your feet by packing a pair of comfy flats or flip flops for after the ceremony. I even wore beautiful hand knitted slippers from Etsy, I danced all night!


Remember why your there

Time for the two of you

In the midst of all the celebration, take a moment with your husband and remember what brought the two of you together. Plan in time alone before the reception, or maybe do a change of outfit to give you 15 minutes alone! At the end of the day, your wedding is about your love for one another. Don’t forget it!

Pause and appreciate

But take a moment to pause, breath and take it all in. After months of planning, you’re the centre of attention and you cant appreciate everything you did to make this day perfect. Your grandfather smiling at your grandmother, your friends laughing or your husbands eyes searching the crowd and then lighting up when they see you. These are the kinds of moments you’ll want to stick with you forever

Remember your parents

All of your attention will be filled with everyone else, make sure you make time for your parents. Offer for them to join you in the pre-reception room, thank them in your speech or surprise them and ask them to sign your wedding register! They’re the most important guests that will be attending your wedding.


Dance, Smile, ENJOY! Dance with your new husband, laugh with your friends and celebrate with your guests. You Deserve it!


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