The After party

Do you want your wedding to last all day AND night? Why not have an afternoon reception and an after party? This works well for weddings with a mixed guest list of elderly guests and families (who prefer to be in bed by 10 p.m.) and close friends and uni buddies (who wouldn’t think of leaving until the last song). Have your ceremony earlier followed by an afternoon cocktail reception (make sure there is plenty of food)  or sit-down meal.  Stop Dad’s nerves and have the speeches straight away, cut your cake at sunset and have your bridal waltz combined with your wedding farewell with fireworks in the background!  


Once the formalities are over, choose a select few of your friends or family for an after party! This doesn’t have to be an all night raver like a dance party (unless you want it to be!), you could also have a late night picnic under the stars  or a casual hang out a a bar.

You’ll hear lots of compliments and praise from your friends and family throughout your reception, so use the after-party to show your guests how much you appreciate them. Change up the style too by moving the party into another room or even an alternate venue. If your wedding was all white with touches of red, create a red lounge feel for the after party.

You served a delicious dinner at the reception, but after hours of dancing and drinking, your guests are going to be hungry. Whether you opt for an open bar at your after-party, you should also offer your guests something to snack on. It’s also a good idea to serve a different type of food so mix it up! If you had a seated main course, opt for fun food trucks or tasty snack stations And it doesn’t have to be too fancy — we know a couple who served mini burgers, fries, and milkshakes for a tasty midnight snack.

One big important to-do if you take this route: arrange for transportation home or back to the hotel, so that none of your guests drive home afterwards

Here are some ideas for your afterparty!

Food truck after party

Food trucks are every where, so why not finish the night off with a food truck wedding after party full of greasy burgers and fries that will go great with your favorite beer! You can have In-N-Out Burger roll up outside your reception hall, Sprinkles cupcake food truck, or even Kimchi Taco depending on your location.


Games wedding after party

How awesome is a games wedding after party!  Why not hire That Vintage Caravan keep your guests drinks topped up. Have a blast playing  Giant Jenga, croquet or hopscotch!

Dance Party!

Dance the night away at your private holiday house, your local club or a beautiful function space. The night is yours to enjoy with your new husband and closest friends!


Themed After Party

Any excuse for another dress? What about a wicked Alice in Wonderland theme for your after party with candy, neon colors, and woodland creatures. Or maybe you would preffer a  Lounge Affair with a lazy jazz band, a 1950's  feel and cool atmosphere! This is the perfect wedding after party idea for a bride who loves to play pinball and wants to hang out in a chic lounge with your new hubby and all of your family and friends

Sail Away

Why not hire a boat on Sydney Harbour for the night? Party the night away with your dearest, Enjoy your first night in a luxury cabin and wake up to breakfast on the Harbour!


All good things must come to an end, including your wedding day. Newlyweds typically attend the after-party, but you should feel free to say your goodbyes after an hour.  Sooner or later, guests will depart, but it sure was fun while it lasted.... . Otherwise, if you and your husband are up for it, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate till dawn! If you’re hosting a brunch or leaving early for your honeymoon the next morning, make sure you’ve got someone to give you a wakeup call so you don’t oversleep!


Ideas you’ve never thought of!Live table number


Everyone has been to a wedding lately with a photobooth, or a slideshow, what about something truly memorable?

Live table numbers

Instead of waiting for your guests to find their seats on a board with small writing,  have them shown to their seats by a ballerina, a butler or a clown!  Ask the local theatre group if they would be interested, or chat to the proffesional party performers!







Suspended Wedding cake

A suspended wedding cake is the perfect way to glam up your wedding and make your cake the centrepiece of your styling! In a nutshell, the wedding cake is suspended on a swing like platform from the ceiling and decorated. You can also have chandelier style hanging wedding cakes but im not sure im game to try it! These really do look fantastic in any room and can be hung in a resort ballroom or even a marquee frame.


Contact us for more unique ideas like these!


9 New Ways to remember your day!Blog-9waystoremember

Everyone has attended a wedding or event with a photobooth over the past 2 years… however, here is a couple of ideas to make your day different, and still capture those special moments!

Outdoor Photobooth

Set up a beautiful arch or lounges and have a polaroid camera set up for guests to enjoy while your off taking photo’s!


A beautiful wall with cut out photoframes, a lounge in front so that you can have all of your friends in one funky picture! Check out Fresh Creative Styling!


Do your friends instagram? Create a # for your wedding and guests can post all night to your wall! And you get to see all the images the next day!


I know this sounds like an old idea however it’s the perfect way to capture the moments your guests see, without all the silly photo’s on disposable camera’s. I know so many of my friends have semi-proffesional camera’s and love taking photo’s. Give them a USB with a personalised thank you card and they can send you their photo’s too!

Body and SoulBlog-BodySoul


I know that an all night party with the girls sounds like fun but resist the urge and get to sleep early! A full night of sleep can do wonders, and will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and ready, come the next morning!


You’ve heard it all before… however breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Your wedding day is no exception. A healthy breakfast high in protein and good carbs will keep you energised all day long.


Be prepared

Make sure you plan plenty of time

Allow yourself plenty of time to get up and enjoy your day! Plan a healthy breakfast before the make up and hair arrive and a tasty lunch before the photorapher arrives. As well as extra time for travel and guests being late!


Plan your suppliers to work with your vendors or bridesmaides on the day so that you can relax. Make a checklist for both the bride and groom and print a copy for the room your getting ready. Ask the best man and maid of honor to tick of the list as you go to save you worrying on the day!


Ask for help! Friends and family often want to help and you can use their ‘assistance’ to your benefit! Ask them to check the reception details, deliver the cake, be an usher at the ceremony or to get their side of the family together for photo’s.